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Roberts Wesleyan's A cappella Groups!

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Welcome to the home of the Sirens and Vocal Infusion, Robert Wesleyan College's a cappella groups!

4/11/07 - Well, it has been sooo long since we've updated this!!  Things are in full swing for our Senior Farewell Concert, which will be on May 5th, in Garlock Dining Commons, on the RWC campus!!  Concert is free and will feature the Sirens and Vocal Infusion!  It should be a great concert!!!  Hope to see you all there!!
9/10/06 - Thanks to everybody that came out for the auditions!!  You all made it a very hard decision!
Congrats to everyone that made it too!!!  You have all brought a lot of energy and talent to the groups!!  It should be a great year!!
Make sure to come check out our booth @ Homecoming, on Sept 30th!!
8/24/06 - Hope you all had an amazing summer!! Get ready for a great year of a cappella music @ RWC!! 
The Sirens and Vocal Infusion will be holding an informational meeting in Cox (the music building) on Tuesday, August 29th @ 8:00pm!  If you're at all interested, stop by and check it out.  You can meet the directors, talk to some of the members and ask questions!! 
Auditions for both groups will be on Thursday, August 31th from 8-10, in Cox.  Make sure you have a short solo prepared (can be anything from a hymn to a pop song solo).  Also be prepared to do a range check, sight reading, and let us know if you have the ability to arrange and/or do vocal percussion (aka "cool spitting" :op).  Email Matt or Megan with any questions! 
6/10/06 - Hey all.  Hope your summers are going well!  VI now has a purevolume site as well, and the Sirens now have a myspace site @  Both the purevolume and myspace sites for both groups are going to be updated more often than this make sure you're checking those for new info and fun stuff!! 
All incoming freshmen and new students...make sure to stop by our table at RWConnections on June 27th!!!  You can meet some of the members and pick up some more info!!
Auditions will be help in early September.  For more information, contact Matt Zager @ or Megan Williams @!!   We'd love to hear from you!!
4/30/06 - Thanks to everyone that came out to our Senior Farewell Concert!! It was a huge success thanks to you all!!  The Sirens went off and performed @ RIT, with 8 Beat Measure and Encore, and did an amazing job!!  Check out a video of the Sirens, on Breakfast At Tiffany's! The VI guys are gunna be recording some of this year's stuff, so that should be up sometime soon hopefully!!  Thanks for an amazing semester and we'll see you all in the fall!!
Anybody interested in join next semester, let us know!! Check out the Contacts page!
3/27/06 - Hey all.  You can now check out Vocal Infusion out on myspace @  You can also check the Sirens out at @  Check us out!
3/26/06 - It's been a super crazy semester!!!  We're busy putting the final touches on what should be an amazing Spring Concert!!  It'll debut a new Co-ed a cappella group as well as feature the Sirens and Vocal Infusion.  The concert will be free...and the start time is still up in the air...but stay tuned for more details! - Matt
1/16/06 - Alright...well the website is about 95% complete!! Hope you enjoy it!! We'll probably put some sound clips up soon too.  Make sure to sign our guestbook too!!  - Matt
1/3/06 - A new year...and we finally have a website!!  I hope everyone is having a good vacation!  We're only a week away from all coming back and starting up all that work again!  Hopefully this website will just be temporary until we can get a really fancy one!  See you all soon! - Matt

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